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* One of the reasons of radicalization is to keep the political movements in the Muslim world under pressure. Therefore, religion or secularization of non-violent programs include the participation of all political parties of all political parties, and the Muslim world of the West.

* We read the news of violence every day. Each time the parliaments are gathering to condemn it and use the conflict of civilizations. However the people who make up the alliance of civilizations showed that it was wrong. There are other examples in the world. People belonging to different religions and cultures are living together.

* There are basic elements that can understand the others in all civilizations. If they can share it to live together and are able to manage it, why are politicians can’t do this? Why don’t we learn anything from doing this?

* Why are we talking about continuous limits? In great cities, the people of my age in the tiny villages have old fathers and children. They consider their father’s health and their children’s education.

* Our neighbors are not our enemies. Our enemy is hunger, poverty, print. People want their voices to go over the bombs and violence. They say that life in the world is a variety and it cannot be extinguished.

* Against those who want to destroy the peace to protect some values, we need to say that our peace is never destroyed. We have never applied violence in the terrorist events in Spain. Because we don’t have culture of getting our LO.

* We are in Istanbul at the point of Europe and Asia. Turkey is overwhelmingly Muslim population, began its accession talks with the EU is a secular democratic republic. This is especially the symbol for the alliance of civilizations is a country.

* Turkey will continue to be a strong advocate of the then common universal values. The Civilizations alliance attempt serves the same purpose. This was after the last EU member Turkey, the next generation is a long project will encompass.

* In Lebanon, the ones in Palestine are increasing violence and unnecessary fears in the world indological in the world. The international coalition to be installed should be comprehensive, multidimensional and able to live.

* Founder of our Republic Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk likened world nations to the neighbors living in the same apartment. This is very suitable for today’s world. The fire on the downstairs will also affect others.

* The most innocent people are damaged by the fact that the indignations are very configured. Children, women, seniors are damaged. We are also as a spectator in the Tribund. So we’re in the sinners of that too. We are obliged to take responsibility for our common future. We take one step in Istanbul today.

* Many people began to be afraid of a coastal and economic destruction from the global village. September 11 attacks, war and turmoil in the Middle East, said words and lines were not fueled this prejudice. Fueled the relationships between different peoples. Some groups want to remove war worldwide.

* Civilizations alliance could not be made at a better time. You stressed that Islamic ummah is due to their own deficiencies.

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