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Some consumers behave in this regard when they are more meticulous. The meticulousness and personal importance shown in a certain product purchase is called (lands, 2011: 245). The literature review is dealt with free time interest in people’s entertainment options to examine their relationship with free time investigators in the mid-1980s. In general terms, I can be explained as an attitude of participation in personal interest or any activity, as well as pleasure, entertainment and excitement (Decloe Vd., 2009: 77). According to Zaichkowski (1985: 342), the interest in personal interest, but also the perception of the person against any product, situation or action. These perceptions are linked to one’s needs, objectives, personal values ​​and product information. The facts of interest in the formation and degree of Funk VD. (2004: 37) Ranked as follows: Importance: Perception of importance to the product: The perceived importance of the negative results of the importance of the product is the perceived importance of the risk of risk: The perception of the problem is the perception of the possibility of the incorrect purchase: It is possible to examine the hedonic value or pleasure interest continuously and situally. I’m constantly interested; While the interest is always available in the person, the situation shows a special interest in a provisional period of a product or situation (Koç, 2012: 209). The individual is only likely to see the individual in automobile races when the individual has a special interest in automobiles, while the same person wants to take the weekend to the weekend is only a certain period of interest. It is confident that I am constantly interested in that my high interest is similar concepts of the definitions of low interest in situational interest

286 The papers are 287 kins. In my interest in two levels. One of them is high interest; Consumers are more time and effort and the purchase determination to investigate comprehensive information about the product or service of interest. Personal needs, values ​​and interests of individuals significantly affect their interest levels (Evans et al., 2006: 96). If the individual is highly concerned about a subject based on their own self foundations, it is likely that it is likely to take the intense attitude. These attitudes also affect the individual’s future behavior (Chang and Gibson, 2011: 166). In the low interest of the other level, it sees the exchange that it will make the consumer is insignificant and does not value the result that it will obtain. In order to reflect the personal characteristics of the consumer’s personal characteristics, no features of a product that has no features is either the details of buying or the cursory (lands, 2011: 246). In the low interest in Zaichkowsky (1985: 346); The acquisition of information on brand, product or service takes place less.

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